Hi there, I'm Allen! I study CS and Math at MIT. I work on product dev and research at the intersection of climate, consumers, and computers. Previously, I've been at Scale AI, Google, and Five Rings.
In college, I helped organize HackMIT and Blueprint as Dev Head, where I managed teams and shipped open source tools. I was Co-President of MIT Poker Club and a member of Startlabs.
I love meeting new people from all walks of life. Come say hi 👋 and email me!
What are you up to now?
This summer I'm learning how software engineers and highly motivated youngsters can make an impact in the climate tech space as a continuation of an on-and-off project for the last two years. Global warming is the greatest existential threat to humanity this century, and now is the time to act. Outside of work, I'm piloting an enrichment group, exercising more, and learning about systems.
growing git grass
What was life like before college?
As a Massachusetts native, I graduated high school from AB, where spent my youth learning about things like geometry theorems, chemistry formulas, and why my world history teacher didn't teach history. Outside of school, I hyped up teammates in the Science Olympiad Team, co-founded ABMC, and raced breaststroke events on swim team.
What do you do for fun?
A mélange of things... I enjoy reading about tech, the news, and how people think. I get excited about making useful things for people and creating cultured communities. I like impressing tipsy teammates with my mediocre card magic, making music with friends, and maintaining a healthy workout routine. When I'm feeling it, I trek long distances, chase bunnies, and listen to the world.
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